In this post we’ll create a SharePoint team site and in next post we will sync the site’s library with OneDrive for Business.

Existing setup done:

  1. Two Local users created
  2. Azure AD Connect configured
  3. Seamless Single Sign-On (IE) configured
  4. Seamless Single Sign-On (Firefox) configured
  5. Hybrid Azure AD Join configured
  6. Intune enrollment – Domain Joined Windows 10 devices
  7. Azure AD Join
  8. Office 365 Pro Plus Application

Existing setup:

  1. SkyDC: Machine with ADDS, DNS, DHCP role
  2. SkyCON: Machine where we will install Azure AD Connect
  3. SkyCM: Machine with Configuration Manager Current Branch
  4. SkyTEN1: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine
  5. SkyTEN2: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine
  6. SkyTEN3i: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine (Intune Managed)
  7. SkyTEN4i: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine (Intune Managed)
  8. SkyTEN5i: Azure AD Joined Windows 10 (Intune Managed)
  9. SkyTEN6i: Azure AD Joined Windows 10 (Intune Managed)

Login to Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Click on SharePoint Admin Center.

Click on Active sites.

Click +Create.

Click on Team site.

In Site name, enter the site name.

In Group Owner, enter the user ID which you want to be the owner.

Click on Advanced settings.

In Privacy settings, select Public – anyone in the organization can access this site.

In Time zone, select the time zone

Click Next.

Click Finish.

Click on the URL against the Site name.

In the new tab, click Documents.

Click on +New and click on the document type that you want to create. And create some sample documents.

Click on Sync.

In Getting ready to sync… window, click on Copy library ID to copy the site library’s ID.

The ID should be in the form of: tenantId=vvv&siteId=www&webId=xxx&listId=yyy&webUrl=zzz&version=1

Note: The Library ID is in encoded format. Replace the encoded text with the actual characters. For example:

Replace %2D with

Replace %7B with {

Replace %7D with }

Replace %3A with :

Replace %2F with /

Replace %2E with .

Save the decoded URL. We’ll use it in next post.

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