In this post, we’ll configure Seamless Single Sign-On for Firefox.

Existing setup done:

  1. Two Local users created
  2. Azure AD Connect configured
  3. Seamless Single Sign-On (IE) configured

Existing setup:

  1. SkyDC: Machine with ADDS, DNS, DHCP role
  2. SkyCON: Machine where we will install Azure AD Connect
  3. SkyCM: Machine with Configuration Manager Current Branch
  4. SkyTEN1: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine
  5. SkyTEN2: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine
  6. SkyTEN3i: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine (to be Intune Managed)
  7. SkyTEN4i: Domain Joined Windows 10 machine (to be Intune Managed)

Download and install Firefox ADMX files

Navigate to and download the policy template.

Right click the downloaded zip file and click Extract All…. Follow the wizard to extract the files.

Browse to the Windows folder in the extracted files.

Right click en-US, firefox.admx and mozilla.admx and click Copy.

Open the Central Store and paste the files and folder.

Create Group Policy to configure Seamless Single Sign-On for Firefox

On Domain Controller, Navigate to Windows Administrative Tools -> Group Policy Management.

Right click on the created GPO and click Edit….

Navigate to User Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates… -> Mozilla -> Firefox -> Authentication

Right click SPNEGO and click Edit.

Select Enabled and click Show….

Enter and click OK.

Click OK.

Testing in Client Machine:

Ensure that Mozilla Firefox is installed.

Open Mozilla Firefox and go to

Enter your user ID and click Next.

Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to

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